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Travelling in a Caravan have been popular in Australia not just for the old generation but for everyone who wants to go and explore our beautiful country both on and off road. This is because they offer the comfort of being able to travel to the outdoor and go to a camp site.

Whether your caravan home is your main place of stay or just an added luxury for camping, it is super important to protect it against all wear & tear and also harsh weather. Especially for the winter and equally harsh summer of Australia and when you have no space to shelter, a get caravan cover is worth its weight in gold. These extreme weather temperatures can damage your caravan and you may end spending money on redoing your paint. Extreme storms, hail and rain can also cause serious damage to your caravan. Hail can damage glass and paint and can result in rusting your caravan. Here is an analysis of why would anyone with a new or used caravan need a caravan cover.

Protect Your Caravan With A Caravan Cover

So why would one need a caravan cover?

A caravan cover can do wonders in guarding and protecting your caravan from all the harsh climatic conditions.The kind of caravan cover you need depends on caravan's size and how much do you want to spend. There are plenty of Caravan accessory stores that you will find in melbourne and online. You will also find them in caravan shows that happens accross Australia. Here is a few caravan covers that we recommend that you take a look.

Before you purchase any caravan cover, you must check and see whether the covers actually meet certain criteria. Not all covers are the same and purchasing the wrong covers can result in minimal protection only to your caravan.

The first key part is to check if there is free air-flow within the cover so that it does not retain the heat. If there is no air flow, even with a cover in place, extreme heat can still damage your caravan quite significantly and it will be very disheartening after spending your money on a bad caravan cover. Another important aspect is to ensure thatthe cover has a soft innerside which will not scratch the paint on the caravan.

Caravan Covers - A must For Aussie Caravanner

With the amount of travel we do and importantly the dollars we spend on a luxury off road caravan, caravan covers have become an vital part in protecting your caravan. They are lightweight, non-abrasive fabrics that combine water resistance and breathability changed that.


The Australian market for storage covers is measured in tens of thousands per year and is still growing simply because everyone understands that protecting their caravan increase its value and for the longevity of the caravan itself.

The case for covering up

Browse through some reviews online of caravan covers and you will see plenty of contradicting views with comments such as, “why would anyone need to cover their caravan” to “A great purchase that helped me not to lose any money on my caravan. I don’t know how we could managed without it.”

If you’re serious about your caravan, it’s vital to understand the importance a cover can bring to your investment. A tailored cover can help fight the detrimental effects that would often contribute towards the depreciation of your caravan. A cover will help fight frost, bird droppings, tree sap, factors that once exposed to your caravan can be difficult to remove and potentially damaging to your caravan, which in turn will lower its’ value. A cover is perfect for winter storage and key for keeping those intruders out.

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