When your caravan is stored outside in all types of variable weather conditions then a quality caravan cover can protect your investment and save you some valuable time. Before you set out to purchase a cover, it is important that know the dimensions of your caravan, the various materials available on the market, and most importantly, the amount of money you are willing to spend on the purchase of a caravan cover.

If you know the specific model of your caravan, most suppliers can sell you the appropriate cover from their stock room. Remember to mention any special features your caravan has to the sales person who is trying to fit your caravan cover. Bike racks, luggage racks, and propane tanks change the dimensions and you can decide if they are to be covered or not. You may choose to cover the racks separately or remove the racks when the cover is on the caravan during the off-season.

What are Caravan Covers Made Of

Most caravan covers are made of polypropylene fabric that will allow air to circulate, but will repel moisture while protecting the caravan from tree sap and bird droppings. Have the sales person show you the strap system that is attached to the various models. Before your purchase, make sure that your caravan has ways to secure the straps to the undercarriage to ensure proper fit. If wind can catch the cover, tears will result.

Shop around to find the best prices and realize that a cheap caravan cover is not always the best deal. You will want to have a quality cover that lasts for years, protects your caravan from the elements, and is easy to remove and replace. The correct caravan cover will keep your caravan clean and ready for your next outing and will ensure you get as much life out of the caravan as possible.

There is a huge range of caravan covers out there in the market. So, please choose wisely.

Selecting The Best Caravan Cover
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