When laying your caravan up for the winter, it’s important to remember that a good deal of damage can be done whilst it’s not being used. If your caravan is kept outside, it is open to damage from UV light, frost, wind and general wear and tear the elements throw at us during the winter months.

If you are lucky enough to have undercover storage, you still need to consider the amount of damage animal faeces can do or just dirt and grime collecting on the outside of the van. Dust is great scratching material if someone rubs along side your caravan.

What do you Need to Look for When buying a Cover for my Caravan?

First and foremost, the cover needs to repel rain, water, snow and ice. Not only that, you will also want to protect your investment by stopping bird excrement and tree sap getting to the painted surface of your caravan as they can cause irreparable damage to your paintwork.

Secondly, it needs to be breathable. Please be aware that there are many cheaper covers available that are made from materials that will cause your caravan to sweat which does cause long term damage. This can lead to damp which will adversely affect the residual value of your caravan dramatically.

Finally, you need to make sure the inner layer is made from a soft and lightweight material that will NOT scratch the paintwork of your investment. This is crucial as a number of comments have been posted on forums and caravan news websites where owners have complained about terrible scratching on windows and doors of their caravans.

Ultimately, using a good quality caravan cover will protect your investment from the harshness of winter, potential damage from tree sap, animal excrament and it will make your job of cleaning and polishing the outside so much easier in the spring.

It is also important to note that selecting the best caravan cover is the key for the protection of your caravan.

Here is an example of how to install a caravan cover by Haigh Australia

Why do you need a Caravan Cover
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